Marine Conservation, Eco-Diving Internships, Gap Year Research Opportunities - Koh Tao, Thailand


Koh Tao, Thailand is at the forefront of scuba diving in South East Asia, with thousands of people visiting this island paradise every year to take advantage of our world famous dive sites.



As a result the dive sites of Koh Tao have provided a wonderful amphitheatre for the training of millions of divers, whether new divers, eco divers, gap year students, eco internships or recreational divers, but for how much longer?


Eco Koh Tao specialises in preparing and instructing divers and dive professionals emphasising the eco-diving aspects of marine conservation.


By providing educational expertise in marine ecology & ecosystems, Eco Koh Tao promotes awareness and education as a means to developing more responsible divers through extensive marine conservation programs and our unique Eco-Diving Internships.


In this age where the environment is changing rapidly, dive professionals with Ecological expertise will be in increasing demand all over the world.


Using world standard methodologies like Reef Check & Coralwatch, our marine conservation & Eco-Diving Programs are leading the way to a more educated world of eco divers where the environment is paramount.


Our actions help to preserve the marine ecosytem rather than diminish them.







Annual Report 2014
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