Adopt A Coral Data Mazu

An ongoing project where you are able to “adopt” a coral transplant. In return, we shall update you with pictures and measurements of your transplant over time. Not all will survive due to the nature of coral restoration, but if we have a transplant that expires within its first year of growth, we shall replace it with a new one in your name, and continue with data collection and research.


Dream Island

Coral adopted by Gabriel Getter – 12th December 2018 - DETAILS


Coral adopted by Junior Marx – 12th December 2018 - DETAILS


Coral adopted by Andersons – 12th December 2018 - DETAILS


Coral adopted by Manon and Victoria – 17th December 2018 - DETAILS


Coral adopted by Sylvia Lampe – 12th December 2018 - DETAILS


Coral adopted by Hartlemullers -12th December 2018 - DETAILS