In September 2008 Eco Koh Tao joined forces with local community groups and a number of other dive schools to construct and deploy Koh Tao’s second Biorock™ dive site. Named Hin Fai (Electric Rock) the site was constructed on land over the course of a week and transported and lowered to its site late in September 2008. It was left to settle during the monsoon months of October through to December of that year. Throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013 Eco Koh Tao has been an instrumental part of its development, expansion and success. Working at the Biorock site we have been transplanting dying, broken and vulnerable coral fragments onto the structures for rehabilitation, collecting growth rates and assessing the percentage cover of the corals on the structure to compile data on its effectiveness as a reef restoration technique. Those with adequate training help us collect growth data and transplant corals to the site.

The Biorock® method was invented, developed, and patented by the late Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Thomas J. GoreauBiorock Tech

Graphical data for hard coral growth indicates that the percentage of living coral cover on the ‘HinFai Dome’ is currently around 3%, but it is increasing at an exponential rate.

Our work is essential to its continued success. We will continue the good work already started transplanting corals, collecting growth data and introducing many more individuals to this exciting new reef restoration technique.