Buoyancy World

One of our major projects for 2009 was the development of an artificial reef structure called Buoyancy World. The concept design was an idea from Eco Koh Tao’s founder and was voted on by attending members of the local community group way back in March 2009. The concept of Buoyancy World was such a success that In 2011 this project was voted on again as the major community effort for the year. Numerous more structures were added, expanding the diversity and complexity of this alternative dive site. We all know that buoyancy is one of the most crucial skills for divers to master if we are going to protect the environment. We also maintain a coral nursery at this site for coral transplants.

Artificial Reefs are one way to alleviate coral decline by providing structure for more coral colonisationFadli et all. 2012

We also know that, and you only have to look around sites like White Rock and Twins when doing your safety stop, most damage is caused by divers with poor buoyancy, often beginners. The Buoyancy World Wreck is one of the most impressive structures we have built and a culmination of years of trial & error, maintenance, research and refining of our techniques. It is a fantastic result. So along the lines of theme parks or amusement parks around the world, the idea as suggested to build a new dive site that could become Buoyancy World, an artificial location of enough interest to attract entry level divers away from some of our natural sights.

Watch the “Crystal Wreck” Deployment

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