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With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the ocean.Syvia Earle

In the past, we have relied on the strong support of Crystal Dive Koh Tao, volunteers and donations from keen divers and conservationist. 

But, now we need your help to expand the dive site and continue the reef restoration process and have started a campaign to raise funds for new structures which will increase our tranplanting zones and also help divers learn and enjoy the dive site even more.

Artificial Reefs are one way to alleviate coral decline by providing structure for more coral colonisationFadli et all. 2012

For over 10 years we have been building and maintaining an artificial dive site named Junkyard. Using recycled materials and creating structures of an eclectic mix of designs and shapes to attract fish life and the beginnings of many coral transplantation experiments begun.

However, the site has become its own enemy. Being such an educational and training friendly dive site, it has attracted huge numbers of divers that we never imagined when we first started this project.

You can help us by donating to our cause. We have several options for you to choose:

$5 per month - Plant a Coral -  We "plant" a coral from our nursery to our reef structures, and send you some photos and updates in our newsletter of all the projects that we have been working on.  If you are a diver, you are also welcome to join us and choose your own coral transplant for us to secure for you.


$25 per month - Adopt a CoralAn ongoing project where you are able to “adopt” a coral transplant. We will then "plant" a coral from our nursery, and our website will feature measurements and photos every quarter to show the growth of your coral. If you are a diver, you are also welcome to join us and choose your own coral transplant for us to secure for you. Included is a free reusable Eco Koh Tao water bottle!!

This program has been so successful with divers adopting coral transplants for their friends and families that we are having to build more structures to support the growth of the transplants. In years to come the reef will be self sustaining and hopefully flourish if environmental conditions are good. 

Research data collected from these transplants will help us study coral growth in varying conditions. An example of one can be found here.

$50 per month - Coral Triangle - Contribute and become our Coral Champion . Have your own purpose built structure created for you and have 10 coral transplants attached to it. Regular updates on its growth health and measurement. Access to our monthly reports covering all the data we have collected on our eco projects. Add to that a free reusable Eco Koh Tao water bottle, Eco Bag, and a limited edition Eco T-Shirt !!!

Included in this donation is an Adopt A Coral transplant which you can name and will have growth data published online every quarter.

Please help our efforts and head to our Patreon page to contribute and receive exclusive access to our monthly newsletter, educational videos and free gifts!! - Click here

Pyramids at “Junkyard”

Adopt A Coral