Dive Site Clean Ups

Every 2 weeks we conduct a beach and dive site clean-up around Koh Tao. The beach clean-up is usually held on the beach in Mae-Haad. The site for the underwater clean-up changes every month. The goal of the bi-monthly clean-ups is to protect our reefs from structural damage and improve the appearance of our beaches and dive sites.

When tourists and locals were asked in a recent survey what they thought to be the biggest environmental problem on Koh Tao, the majority (29%) said that rubbish/no recycling was the biggest problem. Every 2 weeks we host a clean-up in a different location around the island to increase the effectiveness of our efforts and bring awareness to all of the island villages.

250 Million metric tons of plastic could be in our oceans by 2025Project Aware

In order to combat the problem of trash, it is important to educate the boat captains and staff about the negative effects of reef damage on their livelihoods. The use of plastics and foam on the island, which seem to be the most ecologically damaging and unattractive, should be decreased in order to reduce the amount being thrown into the island streams and waterways.

To be recognised as an Environmental dive centre on Koh Tao an environmental briefing must be given before dives and a recycling program must be instituted by the school to eliminate the chance of rubbish being thrown in the sea. By working with local businesses through our “Reduce Rubbish…No Plastic and Foam” campaign we hope to eliminate the sources of litter.

Watch the “Ugly Journey” of Debris

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