Coral Nurseries

Reefs around the globe are threatened by human activities, and many scientists feel that much of the world’s reefs could be lost in the next 100 years. Like many parts of the world, the economy on Koh Tao is reliant upon our natural reef areas and the visitors they bring.

With these two facts in mind, Eco Koh Tao has made a goal of researching and constructing coral nurseries around the island aiming to develop improved methods and suitable solutions to the damage caused by global and local factors.

Reefs are home to 25% of all marine life, and form the nurseries for about a quarter of the ocean’s fish. If we lose the reef, we lose the fish. World Wildlife Fund

In 2010 in conjunction with the DMCR (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources) and the Prince of Songkhla University, coral nurseries were established around Koh Tao. We at Eco Koh Tao and Crystal Dive have nurseries at 2 sites, being responsible for Mae Haad and Twins.

With our nurseries we hope to build a bank of biodiversity and resilience to withstand. We are looking into which corals survive better and trying to promote these for future projects. In this way, with our changing environment we may be better suited to assist the reef in coping with the changes.

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