Coral Restoration

Picture credit : Simon Dowling

Coral Restoration is a broad term for the various different ways that we work to restore Coral Reefs. Around the world, coral reefs are declining due many reasons such as water temperature increase, ocean pH level changes, sea level rise. More local issues on Koh Tao involve residential and developmental run off, sedimentation from land clearing, human sewage output. Other issues we have include fishing, anchoring, and of course divers. As divers we also contribute to the impact on coral reefs, whether it be the suncream you apply before you dive, or accidental contact with the reef, science has proven that a non dived reef will be much healthier than a constantly dived reef.

This is why Eco Koh Tao has a large Coral Restoration program, involving 2 very popular dive sites. In 2010, the Department of Marine & Coastal Services helped us establish coral nurseries around the island. We elected to build our nurseries at Twin Peaks and Junkyard dive sites, and still continue to grow corals 7 years later.

We are extremely active in Coral Aquaculture, the process of using coral nurseries to restore reefs around Koh Tao, helping improve biodiversity, structural integrity and coral coverage. Using a variety of techniques to create different styles of nurseries we have achieved an extremely high rate of survival. Using ropes, trays and putty to create different ways of attaching our transplants helps.

If you complete the Reef Check Eco Diver Course there is an opportunity to get involved with Coral Transplanting techniques with us. Complete the Reef Check and start Marine Resource Management and you can even design your own nursery !