D4 – Mum

10th January 2017

Measurement: 29cm x 24cm

23rd March 2017

Measurement: Expired

7th July 2017

Measurement: Dead

6th October 2017

Measurement: Dead


Second Transplant

23rd October 2017

Measurement: 22cm x 28cm

17th August 2018

Measurement: 28cm x 36cm

17th January 2018

Measurement: 23cm x 29cm

12th December 2018

Measurement: Dead

18th April 2018

Measurement: 32cm x 25cm


Sadly the original coral did not survive some bleaching at Junkyard in 2017. A second transplant was placed, and has settled well. Although lighter than 3 months ago, this is to be expected for the hot summer months.