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Reef Check is both a methodology (coral reef monitoring, data recording and submission) and an organisation.The ECODIVER course will open your eyes to the underwater world and you will see it in a whole different light. Following completion of this 4-day course you will be certified to join surveys and survey teams around the globe and submit data to their Team scientists who will then forward that data to Reef Check as part of their worldwide database.

* Must be Advanced Diver before starting.

Padi Open Water


Day 1: 9am-12pm Theory
Day 1: 12pm-5pm Training Dives
Day 2: 9am-12pm Exams
Day 2: 12pm-5pm Training Dives

Day 3: 9am-12pm Theory
Day 3: 12pm-5pm Survey Dives
Day 4: 9am-12pm Data Input

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Marine Resource Management

The Marine Resource Management Program goes deeper into the ecology & biology of the coral reef ecosystem and uses a fantastic manual from the University of Queensland as its guide – Coral Reefs & Climate Change – which you get as part of the program. We’ll introduce you to the coral nurseries, Biorock technology and other reef restoration projects that need constant attention.

* must be reef check or equivalent before starting

Padi Open Water


This courses is held over 5 days with minimum of 10 dives conducting a variety of Reef Check and other survey techniques. This will be your first opportunity to get involved with coral transplanting and rehabilitation.
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With a range of accommodation on offer to suit any budget for the duration of your stay. For more info, click on the budgets.

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