Junkyard Reef

One of our major projects at Eco Koh Tao way back in 2009 was the establishment of an in-house reef adjacent to the dive school in Mae Haad. It was started by a dedicated band of divers in February using nothing but some old household appliances and furniture, a bit of cement and some sand. Over the course of a few days objects were designed and developed and using the extensive logistical expertise of a longtail boat and a bit of rope we hauled the structures about 300 metres off shore and sunk them in 10 metres of water.

Artificial Reefs are one way to alleviate coral decline by providing structure for more coral colonisationFadli et all. 2012

In 2011 and 2012 the experiment that is “Junkyard” has been one of the success stories of reef restoration, research and artificial reef development on Koh Tao. Recently there has been a turning point on Koh Tao with Junkyard becoming one of the most popular alternative dive sites for Koh Tao. A number of dive schools use it to spread their dive impact throughout the many sites on Koh Tao. We are continually expanding the site for diver enjoyment and research.

See some of the domes at “Junkyard”

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