Mooring Buoys

Starting in 2008, Eco Koh Tao has been actively assisting local community groups with adopting regions of the island to survey, plan, construct, and maintain proper boat mooring systems.

Appropriate moorings provide suitable alternatives to dropping anchors and are an important passive marine conservation intervention. By preventing the deployment of anchors in the first place, many of our other reef restoration projects can be rendered unnecessary.

This is an essential project, much overdue and one we hope will help to preserve the future of Koh Tao.Nathan Cook

We have been an integral part in replacing mooring lines around Koh Tao. In addition, floated ropes protecting shallow reef areas have been a part of our resource managment and conservation initiatives.

With the generous donation of materials from the Department of Marine Resources (DMCR) along with charitable dive schools, we can maintain our mooring buoys and artificial reef structures around Koh Tao.

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