P1 – Ping

10th January 2017

Measurement: 24cm x 14cm

23rd March 2017

Measurement: 29cm x 16cm

7th July 2017

Measurement: 22cm x 21cm

18th January 2018

Measurement: 32cm x 21cm

12th December 2018

Measurement: 35cm x 22cm

18th April 2018

Measurement: 34cm x 24cm

24th April 2019

Measurement: 35cm x 24cm

17th August 2018

Measurement: 37cm x 25cm

23rd July 2019

Measurement: 28cm x 20cm


Ping has had a tough time. Its substrate had degraded leaving it rolling over in the sand. However it is still surviving and is in good health after being reattached. It has survived a very recent intense bleaching event.