Reef Check / EMP

Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) is a coral reef research program started by the Coastal Preservation And Development (CPAD) foundation on Koh Tao and carried on by local community groups and Eco Koh Tao. Through this program, we collect information on the biodiversity and abundance of the fish, invertebrate, and coral species.

By coupling this information with Reef Check surveys, water quality and other data we can show accurate pictures of the negative and positive trends in reef health around the island. Baseline data has been gathered since 2006, but it takes time for trends to appear. Data collected by program is used by governments and scientists and is publicly available.

In 1997, Reef Check conducted the first-ever global survey of coral reef health that provided scientific confirmation that our coral reefs were in crisis.Reef Check Foundation

Over the last 5 years we have been working closely with Reef Check international and local divers to develop a comprehensive program that can be taught all over the Gulf of Thailand; Funding future projects, raising awareness and increasing the amount of data available on our area.

We have been trying to develop detailed maps, with GPS coordinates and clear underwater visual markers so that the continued monitoring of Koh Tao is not reliant upon the few individuals currently doing so. This information will make it more accessible for trained individuals to continue research.

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