T1 MaoMao

10th January 2017

Measurement: 12cm x 29cm

23rd March 2017

Measurement: 14cm x 30cm

7th July 2017

Measurement: 18cm x 32cm

17th January 2018

Measurement: 18cm x 39cm

12th December 2018

Measurement: 20cm x 45cm

18th April 2018

Measurement: 16cm x 42cm

24th April 2019

Measurement: 27cm x 41cm

20th August 2018

Measurement: 22cm x 38cm

23rd July 2019

Measurement: 13cm x 47cm


Mao Mao is a sturdy coral. Due to the initial structure collapsing, all “Turtle” corals have been transplanted to Pyramid A of our new megastructure.It has survived a very recent intense bleaching event. It was also noted that the coral has broken in the middle but should not affect it.